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Pardon She Speaks speaks to the many upswings, downsides and unpredictable moments we go through during these prime years of our lives. From family, to love and like, to the trending news stories of today and finding ourselves in ”the real world,” these themes run the gamut of topics we 20 somethings talk about, laugh about,
cry about and even regret.

Not that there aren’t plenty of other blogs out there writing about this transitional phase into adulthood, but I wanted to put my own spin on things while incorporating some your perspectives. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who find comfort in sharing their stories with me (random strangers almost as often as my actual friends) and what I find the most interesting is that though men and women differ drastically, we’re almost identical in needing someone to just listen to our thoughts. Our guys may not express them as often, or in the same way, but men do have feelings for you skeptics who don’t believe.


And though we sometimes feel like we have it altogether and really know who we are, somehow this journey still feels like the tallest, most nauseating roller coaster ride. Its exciting, depressing, confusing at times overwhelming, but all the while exhilarating because we are learning and going through so much in this present. This is our now. Maybe our crises seem irrational and maybe they don’t make sense to the "adults" around us, but these times, these moments, shape who we’re becoming.


So thank you for lending me your ears when I needed them and for entrusting me with your stories. Because we really couldn’t go through this phase alone.

So pardon me, but we have some things to say. 





No one's personal secrets are revealed and no lies are told. Every post comes from a real, and hopefully relatable place. No male bashing. No women hating. And if you must do either, at least write it creatively, you know for the artistic value in it.


Thank you for reading.


Lover of all things Carrie Bradshaw. Brutally honest. Sarcastically dramatic. 
Blessed and highly favored.


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