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who is SHE?

These are the things I
should’ve said.

The emotions I held onto to spare the feelings of others while suppressing my own.

The thoughts that made me want to
reevaluate my whole life.

My inspirations.

My questions.

Learned lessons.

The stories of my failures and moments of achievement.

The feelings my friends can’t find
the words for.


Shared truths.


This is the story of she. 

Laugh loud.

Cry hard.

Smile big.

Love deep.

Write…a lot.

Thank you to those of you who became the subjects of my posts, read my rough drafts, stayed up with me late night to edit, listened to me rant, answered every text filled with my ridiculous questions and watched me scribble on post-its when an idea or funny quote came to mind. 




I can't name everyone, but a special thank you goes out to Diana (who read every post ever written at all hours), Esther, Brittany, Ria, Cherrelle, Beatrice & Dominique

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