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It’s kind of funny how life works out. You’re born with a name, put into a family, make a few friends and spend at least a quarter of your life trying to “find yourself.” We’re not born knowing our life’s ambitions and personal preferences. People change. We experiment. And through a lot of trial and error, we learn from the notches on life’s no-so-long belt. But it’s about how we let those marks teach us and help us grow. Otherwise, instead of building character we’re just building on the number of times we fail over and over again. Mistakes are there for you to learn from and do something different the next go-around. So yeah, you may go through an identity crisis on your quest of trying to find your inner self or lose who you think you’re becoming when getting together with different circles, but as long as you never give up on the journey to the truer you, you haven’t lost a thing. Finding yourself is a lifelong experiment. Things get screwed up, they break, and even explode, but only you can clean it up and give it a few more tries. It’s all in the journey.

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