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The Catch

He's built the way you imagined, speaks well, makes you laugh, introduces you to his friends, has manners and goals. He's doing well for his age, loves his mom, has a steady job, car, dresses well and all you want to do is spend every day with this "perfect" man. Losing yourself in the time you spend together happens all too easily, as you think about how favored you are to have someone so great stumble into your life. So what’s the catch? I know it is not just me. We all think about that negative trait possessed by that "perfect" person that humanizes them and makes them…not so perfect anymore.

Not to sound pessimistic, but I am at least a little bit of a realist. And I find it so much easier to know what’s wrong with the person before we commit our feelings only to have to find some out of the world way to deal with the kinks and quirks (Not insinuating that kinks and quirks are intolerable. There is beauty in the flaws). But wouldn’t you want to know if they have a wooden leg, sweat profusely in their sleep, have baby mama drama and/or ride a bike to work at Burger King every day?

Or what about something less superficial, like how they can’t bring you home to meet their parents because of cultural differences, plan on holding onto their virginity until marriage, faithfully practice a separate religion from yours or don't ever see themselves having children? Not so tolerable now is it? Take it from someone who has been there. It’s the worst feeling falling for someone who fits all of your criteria but has one big drawback that makes a future between you two seem impossible, or painstakingly complicated to say the least.

"He's perfect" but is he really? Does perfect really exist if the one you see as perfect has that one big fault you don’t know you will be able to get around? Does the universe plot against us to ensure our eternal unhappiness? Is it something we did in your former lives? And if the universe isn’t against us, how do we deal with holding on to that "perfect" person in the now when in the future we might have to let them go?

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