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What To Do If You Find Out Your “him” Isn’t Ready

Ladies, if you come across an “aint ready” man, RUN, do not walk, the other way. Your feelings will get caught up, you’ll THINK you love him, you’ll want to make a relationship out of it and he’ll stiff-arm the whole situation like a wide receiver dodging a defensive tackle (aka heisman the hell out of the situation). Call an honest girl or guy friend, and let them tell you what being with someone who isn’t ready will do to you emotionally. How it will mangle your emotions and have you buying bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and gallon-sized tubs of red velvet ice cream in bulk while you sit on the couch and cry watching “Waiting to Exhale” and “How Stella Got her Groove Back.” You think it’ll hurt too much and you wont get past it, but you will. YOU WILL. I know it’s easier said then done, but trust me, let it go.

*Guys this applies to you too. Different movies and maybe beer instead but still the same.

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