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A Belle in Brooklyn : 'Cocktails with Belle' Viewing Party

Last night, I attended Demetria Lucas', affectionately known as 'A Belle in Brooklyn' from her books, blog, and Bravo's reality show "Blood, Sweat, Heels," Coctails with Belle viewing party at Vodou Bar in Brooklyn (fitting location). I can only imagine how stressful it was for her to play hostess considering she finalized the venue the day of, but it turned out to be a great event—a very intimate setting.

After the viewing, everyone waited briefly to hear an announcement from the Belle camp, and as we waited, I of course, found myself standing next to Belle (get in where you fit in people). I'm sure she hears the "I love your work" and “You're amazing" lines all the time but I had to fan out a little. "I talk to my twin sister about you all the time and she thinks I'm crazy because I refer to you as if you were my best friend” I said. Laughingly, she responded, "I love it, I love it!" I made Belle laugh y'all (yes, I had a groupie moment). And of course I put in a plug for ‘Pardon She Speaks’ so hopefully she’ll stumble upon my email in her packed inbox. But after that I let her know that I'd been following her career for several years and that her writing was incredibly honest and relatable (more stuff she hears everyday).

A couple of hyperventilated breaths later, Belle invited everyone into a smaller room for a Q&A where her admirers got the chance to ask her about the show, her career, and of course how life’s been treating her and her new-found-fame. But here was another instance where I witnessed young, Black women of New York preparing to rule the world and dominate in their fields. As we sat eagerly waiting to get called on, I realized, not a single one of us asked Belle about men! We didn’t ask relationship questions, or about "living the best single life,” or about the things Belle writes and blogs about. We asked: What got you started? Was going back to school for your Masters essential to your career? How do you make your way in the cluttered industry? Men of the millennium, move over! We’ve got some ready women preparing to TAKE OVER!

I don't believe in "reinventing the wheel.” If you want to know how something is done, then ask a person whose done it! And that’s what happened last night.

Belle’s Q&A was insightful, funny, motivating and all of the other syllables that go with that. I met a couple of bloggers, publicists and journalists who were just interested about learning their way around the industry and it was nice to be in a room with people who were passionate about what they do. I love being around smart, Black women. Because when we're not swooning, crying over, or talking about men, we're figuring out how to rule the world.

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