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Launch Dinner Pre-Party

This weekend, my girls and I dined and danced at Katra for a mini celebratory dinner for Pardon She Speaks' official launch dinner pre-party. Did everything go according to plan? Of course not. My hair wasn’t finished until reservation time (Black girl problems), which means we were 1.5 hours late and the twin and I had what I like to call another one of our episodes right before it was time to go. But what would life be without great friends. My girls Domo, Lauren and Diana came with as I sped down the Northern State (because yes, I live in the deep burrows of Long Island) to make it to the city where it took only 20 whole minutes to find parking. But when we finally did make it, we had a great time.

No turn up. No dancing on tables and knocking back shots. It was good, clean fun with the girls and a couple of our guys. They’re the kind of people who inspire you to think bigger and support your goals and ideas. The ones who listen to you rant late night and tell you “no, that outfit is not for you.” The ones who keep it a buck with you regardless of whether or not you want to hear it and will cry alongside you if it will make you feel better. They love me for me and who would I be to not love them for doing so.

While we were dancing and having it up, little did I know Domo was texting Brina throughout the night to make sure her behind got to the venue at an acceptable time; and I gotta admit it was a sweet surprise. With cupcakes, flowers and balloons in hand, she was back to being sissy. It wasn’t the official launch party, but the launch dinner pre-party, and it was enough to where those close to me, in relation and proximity, could make it regardless of how last minute I planned it. And by last minute I mean I picked the venue five hours before reservation time. The music was great. The people were of their usual incredibleness and we all a great time. What more can a girl ask for? A plan for a bigger event is in the works so stay tuned!

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