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Has Anyone Else Heard About This Indie Film "Dear White People?"

"Dear White People" is a satire about Black students at a PWI (predominantly white institution) dealing with their racial identity in what we now consider a "post-racial" America with Tessa Thompson (seen in For Colored Girls) and Tyler James Williams(seen inEverybody Hates Chris). I believe the correct phrase used was: "its about being a Black face in a white place." The questions of: Does race matter anymore?.. Shouldn't we be over it by now?.. Is there really a need to assert one's pro-Blackness anymore pop up and the target audience (we Gen Y'ers) is perfect. It's funny, witty and will definitely trigger a thought or two. I've only seen a few short clips but I can't wait for the full production to be complete. The news broke out today that the film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, has officially been picked up by Lionsgate which is a HUGEEEE deal.

Here's just one of the clips I found in an article.

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