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"But marriage isn't necessary anymore"

One of my previous posts, "Gimme the Ring," addressed the desire for the woman usually in the relationship, to be anxious to get married especially after being with her partner for several years. But last week as I watched the encore broadcast of the Wendy Williams show, as I do so many nights at midnight, Wendy brought up Enrique Iglesias and Ana Kournikova's 12 year relationship as bf/gf and it got me thinking. Now forget the fact that they’re not the usual celebs we talk about, they are still relevant. In any event, when asked whether Enrique had plans to propose to Ana he said no!

"I'm not against marriage, not at all. But when you've been with someone for such a long time, I don't think it's going to make—bring us closer together. I don't think it's going to...make us any happier” he said in his E! interview.

Luckily, Ana feels the same way because this could’ve went a whole different route.

Now for my fellow "pro-marriage” people, we can argue all day about why this mindset is WRONG WRONG WRONG! But is it really? Think about it. You've been together 10+ years and you both claim that neither one of you is going anywhere. So why is it necessary to get married? Look at what happened to Carrie and Big in the Sex and the City movie! Hello! If that is any indication that things will just fall apart once married then is it worth it?

Wendy says it's the way the world treats you, people still think of marriage as reaching the top of the mountain in interpersonal relationship and I agree. And even aside from the worldview, its a value I have always been raised with. I think marriage is important because for me it represents unity and family and so much more. But for others, it doesn’t.

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