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PMS is Real

My first PMS episode. I was in the 11th grade and my boyfriend at the time was used to holding my books and walking me to class everyday. But this one day, as we walked to Mr. Young’s Physics class, a girl could not keep it together. As he turned to hand me my books and give me a kiss, I pulled away as I felt my tears begin to well up and get ready to flood. We hadn’t just come off an argument nor were neither of us upset with the other, yet the very sight of him made me wither up and wince; and when I wasn’t crying, I was absolutely disgusted by his mere existence. These episodes went on for 3 days and we swore that that was the end of us. We didn’t fight or cuss. Hell, I couldn’t even get a word out. It wasn’t until my cycle started that the crying and dramatic scenes in the hallway ceased and that’s when I knew...PMS was real.

Still, today, I won’t deny that I get moody. I get angry, sad, horny, needy and emotional, but I AM AWARE OF ALL OF THIS. And after taking note of these changes, I learned to control my reactions to things because NONE of this means that I have to be dysfunctional or that I’m automatically irritable. We’re mature enough to get a hold of ourselves.

If your emotions are at a 10, these are some tips I learned for keeping myself together during that “special time”:

-Track your cycle and how early your PMS symptoms come in before your cycle.

-Are they always the same and do they come with each cycle?

-What are the typical emotions you go through?

-How long do they last?

-Does anything worsen your symptoms? And who do you take it out on?

-What calms you down?

Find the answers to these questions ladies. Don't go losing friends and ending your relationship because you can't control yourself.

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