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Even Queen Bey's Family's Got Problems

Now that the hysteria has finally died down and the truth has come out about the Jay-Z/Solange fight/attack, I think it's safe to say that family drama escapes no clan. Even Queen Bey's. My initial reaction to seeing the infamous elevator video was daaaaammnnnn. Then almost immediately I thought, no one goes batsh*t crazy on someone like that unless they were seriously disrespected. So what could Jay have done to get Solange so riled up? Correction: what could Jay have done to Beyoncé to get Solange so riled up?

After watching the video wincing and jaw dropped, I threw my hands up with a “Yup! He cheated!” and my second theory of: “Ooh he put his hands on Beyoncé and Solange was not having it.”

Well, once the Knowles camp issued a statement detailing the series of events that ultimately led to the attack days later, we knew. The world learned about Jay and designer Rachel Roy's close contact at the Met Gala and how Beyoncé was not a fan of their interaction. And since Rachel couldn't take the hint when Beyoncé confronted her about shameless flirting, Queen Bey (and Solange) went to go tell her man to cut it out. However, Jay retaliated with some not-so-nice words which led Solange to save face until she got in the elevator in which case the devil’s wrath released itself upon her and toward Jay.

Now look, if any woman saw her man getting too friendly with another female, she would check him and her in Beyonce fashion. And if her sister happened to be with her, she should hope to have her sister there supporting her while she goes and snatches her man from embarrassing them. But putting hands on Jay-Z the way Solange did was completely uncalled for. Jay-Z is not Solange’s husband! And Solange is lucky Jay kept calm and didn’t strike back. Yes, it is gentlemanly for a man to keep his hands to himself in the presence of a woman, but no one knows how someone will react when put in a particular situation. That elevator attack could’ve went completely left and Solange could’ve found herself finally waking up in some fancy hospital’s ICU at the end of this month.

If a man makes you mad, you use your million dollar vocabulary, good diction and if you're gonna lose your salvation for a quick second, you pick a good four letter word and let him have it—maybe even shove him around a little bit. But to punch, kick, spit and throw your purse is uncouth and unacceptable. Solange was clearly way out of line. What’s crazy is that Beyonce didn’t even seem bothered. As everyone walked out of the hotel, disheveled and disoriented, Queen Bey, keeping her composure, gave a smirk and acknowledged the crowd. Just another day with the Knowles/Carter clan. We just have video this time.


-Taquan and Junebug’s families aren’t the only one’s with problems

-This is like… a real family issue. This isn’t just about the elevator. Family counseling would be good. It would suck to hate your sister’s husband.

-Beyonce couldn’t hit him so somebody had to.

-Jay-Z did the right thing by not hitting back.

-If even Jay-Z is tired of looking at Beyonce, then what hope is there for us really?

-Solange could benefit from attending an anger management class or two.

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