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Birthday Wishes

This week twinny and I turned 24 and I have to say, I am beginning to feel old. Not like an elderly old but a more mature old, a ready to grab the world by its britches old—a more "ok, let’s reevaluate our future life plans" old. I tend to do that every so often to make sure I’m on track for what I set out to do.

I went to work, where my lovely coworkers decorated my cube, got sang happy birthday to by a room full of lovely people, had a surprise celebration thrown for me by big sis and cousins, wherein I proceeded to cry because that's what I do on my birthday, sipped a lot of wine, received tons of phone calls and texts, got some money and really just appreciated the lot of love that was thrown my way. Plus, for the last 23 years it has rained on June 3rd like clockwork, so any year it doesn’t downpour has to filled with goodness.

For the weekend, I didn’t want to do a super big celebration, or a turn up like I usually do. I just wanted to enjoy a nice dinner, at a bougie restaurant with my classy friends. So we did. That Friday, we headed to the city, destined for Tao—an Asian style restaurant whose atmosphere alone sets the night, and waited A LONG TIME because thats what happens when you arrive late for your reservation. But I have the best group of friends because our 9:30 reservation turned into 11:30 and they all still stuck around and the one friend who could stick around still came by and dropped off a card with a financial blessing.

This year has already brought such new and exciting news. I’m eager to see what else God has in store for the sis and me.

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