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Can I Get a Window Seat? Costa Rica pt. 1

Off for a little "girls' getaway," my mom, cousin and I boarded the plane for Costa Rica. Of course in eager, "Vanessa-like" fashion, I grabbed the window seat. My mother never understood where the curious and bold side of me came from but never judged me for it. She just knew that that was the way I was. Always curious...wanting to see everything and go everywhere. And she was right--I did. I wanted to see it all.

Looking out of my window I thought to God, "You created everything so perfectly in place. The water. The land. The clouds. The sky." It wasn't my first time on a plane but each time I got on one, I saw something different in the beautiful masses of blue and green perfection my Creator created. I thought about a painting I once saw by Lisa Aerts entitled, "Let Your Blues Wash Away" and wondered how long it took her to replicate the image of something the good Lord simply created with the light breath of his lips.

I didn't know where we were but when we got over the clear blue waters, I called my cousin and scared little mummy to take a look. I said to them "God didn't create all of this for me to just stay in one spot and never see it." My mommy laughed. And back to the window gazing I went.

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