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Really Mimi? A Sex Tape? Not Even Necessary

I’m going to keep this brief because I don’t care for sex tapes. The release of 'Love and Hip Hop, Atlanta' stars Mimi Faust and her boyfriend (or whoever) Nikko’s sex tape, is one of the most tasteless, classless things I’ve seen a Black woman AND mother do (who wasn’t a stripper, porn star or video girl) in a while. Some people might argue that Kim K got famous off of her sex tape so why can’t Mimi give it a go. Because Black women do not need anything or anyone else misrepresenting what we stand and work for. We don’t need women depreciating our value to our white counterparts, or to anyone else for that matter. There are enough displays of that via music videos and other mediums we use for 15 minutes of fame. Because when they turn on the TV or read the news and see things like this, they’ll think thats the norm.

Did Mimi look like she was having a great time? No doubt about it. And Nikko sure looked rather experienced. But that's the kind of good time you keep between you and your mate, partner, lover. Your person—your ONE person. It shouldn’t be exposed for the world to see every crack, crease, crevice, suck, swallow and spit.

*If anyone's looking for some Nikko slander, he's the definition of sleaze so not much time needs to be wasted there.

And no. It didn’t accidentally leak. Later, VH1 aired a commercial promoting the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Mimi, Nikko, Stevie J, and the makers of LHHA are all in "kahoots" with one another whether they admit it or not. Everyone knows it was strategic. When you have a cameraman zooming, tilting, panning and shooting at different angles, it takes staging to a different level. It now becomes a performance. Well then perform Mimi. Perform. Not just for your man, but for the whole world to see your goodies and talents. And when your daughter will have to hear about your ways at school and deal with other mothers telling their kids not to play with her because of the negative influences she has at home, you look at yourself proud and square in the face and say “at least I performed.”

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